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Standing at the front lines of eCommerce, Shopify Plus is breaking the mold when it comes to online business and marketing. Shopify Plus makes it easy to start building your brand and get back to business.

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Easy to Use Technology

No business disruption and constant team support.

Affordable Solution

Save money while getting results.

Rapid Launch Time

Quickly get back to business.

Extensive App Store

Personalize your Shopify Plus experience.

Team Size? Not an issue.

Shopify Plus is made for mid to large-sized business. It uses technology that won't get in your way including an admin that's easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. Your business will be given dedicated Shopify account management in addition to your project manager at Gauge, as well as our entire team of creatives and developers.

Let's Get Started

Reliable sites that can handle anything.

Shopify Plus uses high-performance technology which means your site won't go down during a huge sale when a large number of transactions will be taking place (it can handle thousands of orders per minute). Because of this, customers will always have an enjoyable experience and you'll get to focus on managing your business, not IT.

Custom sites designed and built from scratch.

With features like a fully customizable front-end and responsive builds, we ensure your store fits your brand story and your brand goals. We'll work with you to make sure your site adequately represents everything you've worked for. Shopify Plus also allows for faster development time so your business plan stays on schedule.

Start Building

Reimagine what your store can do.

Shopify Plus currently has over 500 apps and add-ons. Apps include those made specifically for marketing, sales, social media, shipping, inventory, accounting, customer service, reporting, and more. We can help build custom apps if needed and can even help you identify which apps work best for you.

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